CONTENT SUMMIT 01 (Nov. 7-9, 2001) - Reports, reviews and resources.
Highlights: the detailed session reports, abstracts and presentations of the last Conference , papers from the Workshops, the Content Summit Photo Gallery, a Catalogue of the 2001 exhibitors at Content Show, recommendations for content sites as found by IP TOP Award, releases and reactions in the Press Corner and some memorable industry "quotes of the day" : Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
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Content Summit.01 Conference
"For those who didn't make it to Switzerland, Norbert has made presentations and session reports available online - making for a worthwhile resource for folks in the online news industry", Steve Outing, Poynter Institute . The key issues: working advertising models (i.e. New York Times), working subscription models (Breaking Views) , content alliances and consequences of 9/11 for the content industry. [...]

Content Summit.01 Show
The Content Summit Show is a unique marketplace featuring the most select companies representing the entire content value chain, from niche players and right holders, to producers, sydicators and distributors. Designer modular exhibition booths serve as vantage points defining both the market and the network. Powered by Messe Basel. [...]

[7. Mar] Norbert Specker's NetWanderings:
Freedom of expression demos
[5. Sep] Content Summit News:


Content Summit.01 Workshops
Content Summit 01 offered a range of workshops for different entry levels. Note the great feedback we got for the Master Series with Jonathan Hall of the BBC and Online-Icon Gerry McGovern and the various Get-it-Done workshops. [...]


Content Summit.01 Plus
More than just a trade event and conference, Content Summit.01 is a platform for a number of associated events and services. The 4th IPTop Awards celebrated winners BBC Online, and The INprint catalogue brought home publishing on the demand in great style and the various parties made networking a joyful enterprise. [...]